Rescue These Children

Three young girls deep in poverty
These children live in a 150 sq. ft. tin hut along a pathway, near a village. Though they have little to eat, no water, or just the clothes they wear, they are the lucky ones. They are inside and close to a village, which is safer than on the streets of Nairobi.

Near Nairobi, Muthari Slum Children

This is a street in Mathare the most dangerous slum in all of Kenya. Some 500,000 – 800,000 people live in this 3 square-mile area. There is no garbage collection. There is no running water. Few escape this LETHAL POVERTY. We are not equipped to help with-in the slums but HHIM is trying to keep others from slipping into this horror. So few escape alive.

Below: Dwellings in the slums....

Slum lords actually charge rent on these hovels.

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Grandma with Children needs help
this grandmothers gets help. She struggles every day to give her grandchildren enough food to keep them alive. They do have malnutrition but they are not starving YET...

Grandma clings to Baby

Hundreds of grandmothers have lost their adult children to HIV/Aids and are left to raise their grand children alone.

three hungry girls

This is Lethal Poverty

Children Live at Dump

PREVENTION may be the ONLY way to stop the suffering of these children. As horrid as the refugee problem is in Kenya the villages are falling into the same abyss.

Nairobii, once the "jewel" of all Africa, has been ravaged by HIV/Aids. Tough Life for Kenya Kids (use back arrow to return)

Almost a half million children in Kenya have lost both or one parent. Half of them live in the villages which surround Nairobi.

Helping Hands International Ministry (HHIM)
targets these village children and the elderly grandparents who care for them.

HHIM cannot end world hunger. What we CAN DO is feed these children at least one nutritous meal every day. Move than food, we are giving them a chance at life.

  • We all are the Global community
  • We all live together during this crisis

Sponsor a child and you could save lives, the lives of these kids.


Help us help keep them fed.